What is partnership at CCW?

What is Church Partnership at Community Church of Westhaven?

Society tells us to keep things casual. Our relationships, our commitments, our convictions.

But the biblical vision for connection to the local church is far from casual. There is a call to deep relational connection and spiritual connection through the life of the local church. Throughout the course of history, churches have called those who follow Jesus to join together in covenant relationship with one another.

Members have rights, Partners have responsibilities.

At Community Church of Westhaven, we like to frame membership a little differently. We believe that it is important to connect to the local church through a common covenant and we do so through partnership, instead of membership. Partnership communicates that we’re in this together. You aren’t paying dues for some benefit in return. We’re all investing our lives into the family, for our good and God’s glory.

CCW Ministry Partners covenant with one another and the leadership of the church to commit all aspects of our life the to the church community, our family, and God’s mission through Community Church of Westhaven.

In covenant partnership, the church and the individual link arms, to live as light in the midst of a dark world. In this relationship, the church partner is cared for, protected, and commissioned by the church. In turn, the church body is strengthened by its partners who embrace and live out the mission of the church.

Church partnership is a declaration to the world of what it looks like for individuals to live faithfully in the midst of a Gospel-centered community and what it looks like for a Gospel-centered community to care faithfully for each individual.

Here is what the Partner process looks like at Community Church of Westhaven:

  1. Attend Intro to CCW
  2. Attend a Foundations Class
  3. Partner Interview
  4. Signing Ceremony

If you believe God is calling you to partner in ministry with us or if you would like more information about the partnership process, please email us at partner@churchofwesthaven.com.