CCW Business Seminar Series

Here in Westhaven our friends and neighbors have very few physical needs, an area the church historically has used to serve those around them.  In our community we have to get a little more creative!  Recognizing that we have many business owners and leaders in our community, we are inviting experts in their field to offer knowledge and insights that are of value to anyone in business.   Our seminars will be free of charge and will be hosted in Townsend Hall at the Residence Club.  Seminars will be limited to only Westhaven residents per our use agreement with the Residents Club.  We look forward to having you attend one of our seminars listed below!

Dr. Kent WessingerMonday Sept 17th 6pm at the Westhaven Residents Club.png

Monday september 17th 6pm:  Understanding millenials in the workplace

Did you know the average millenial only stays on the job 16 months?  Do you struggle to understand "the millenial" as both a customer and an employee?  We have invited Dr. Kent Wessinger to share his research findings in his book Bridges over Ladders:  You can create a future with millennials, or millennials will create a future for you.  Are you forfeiting growth because you’re straining to be relevant to your millennial customer base? Are you hemorrhaging your millennial workforce or struggling with millennial talent acquisition? If so, what information are you using to prepare for a future with millennials? Dr. Kent Wessinger developed a comprehensive research tool that equips leaders with accurate realties and a future of growth with millennials.  Having over 25k participants in the project, the project contrasts the firsthand voice of millennials to the firsthand voice of baby boomers/GenX in order to minimize the conflict and utilize the creative influence of millennials.  Click to watch a preview video.


october seminar tbd

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november:  turning brick layers into cathedral builders with Leon Drennan

In the metaphor of the Cathedral, workers view themselves as laying bricks, building walls, or being Cathedral Builders.  Leon will come teach on his 35 years of corporate experience at HCA in turning your brick layers punching a clock into Cathedral Builders sold out on the vision and direction of your organization.  Date TBD.